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Moving made easy is your choice!
What makes a Washington DC moving company worth choosing over all the others? Thatís for you to decide! You may prefer low cost option, or maybe you desire quality customer service with a polite professional feel. Here at, we combine all the possibilities that you may enjoy into a convenient, one stop site! High quality, respected and affordable business will compete for your business every day. Moving doesnít have to be complicated, stressful or expensive, not with You simply post your DC moving needs on our site, businesses make bids on your moving job and you choose your preferred vendor. Its as easy as that!

What makes us unique?
We arenít trying to push any certain vendors on you so you donít have to worry about scams or marketing ploys. We are interested in your move being a success. All our vendors are highly qualified and possess all the materials required to make your move as seamless and smooth as it can be. You wonít find this quality of customer service anywhere else. We listen to your needs and look to assist you in your new Washington DC adventure. Since business are competing for you business, you will find the best prices and highest quality throughout Washington DC.

What questions should I ask my potential moving company?
If you have not moved much or you are unsure of what you are being charged for, here are some basic questions to ask your potential movers. What is your rate for travel time?
Do you charge an hourly rate or price per cubic feet/pound for long distance moves?
Do you charge for supplies such as boxes, tape, etcÖ?
How do you receive payment (credit, cheque, cash)?
Do you charge extra for heavy objects such as pianos or furniture?
Will you do a free estimate of the charges of the entire move?
Are there any additional charges we have not mentioned so far?

You should expect estimates from a typical moving company to be close to $200 lower than the final price. Though moving companies in Washington DC do try to be as accurate as possible, there are always little unexpected costs that are not factored in to the final price. Fortunately, even with the $200 difference from the estimate, can save you up to 50% on your moving expenses!

What should I do before looking for a moving company?
Make a list of credentials which you will not compromise.
Make a list of credentials which you would prefer to be present but donít have to be. This way if you find two companies that you like, you have an easy way to decide which you will choose ultimately.
Try to get a referral. Family member and friends with recent moving experience are a great help in finding out which movers are reliable and cost effective.
Always make sure to check out a potential moving company with the Better Business Bureau. You will be able to find reviews on many different companies from both happy and displeased customers. This gives you a well rounded opinion of any potential companies you will use.

We will find the best prices, highest credentials and proven ratings for your optimal move! Make your Washington DC move an instant success with!

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