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moving companies says your priority #1! We can help you find the cheapest, most reliable Tennesee moving companies within minutes with our state of the art, online service. Just fill out a form with your moving wishes, send it to us and within minutes you will receive multiple low priced quotes from several of our trustiest vendors. When planning a move, expenses seem to pile up, but we want to help you cut prices and have a stress free, cost effective move whether you are planning to move cross country, across the state or internationally! The choice is yours. You can spend your time searching for hours to find a business that may or may not offer your reasonable prices and good service, OR you can choose and let us do the work for you by finding completely qualified, cheap vendors! For your convenience, here are some simple tips for your move.

Moving Tips
* Keep a close eye on small children and pets. If you are moving locally, try send the kids to play with Grandma and Grandpa or friends for the day. Finding a babysitter for the pets may be a good idea too!
* Be sure to check with the company you choose to be your mover if they have any hidden costs. Check this out before choosing the company and this way you may save additional money.
* Keep all your boxes well labelled with either color coded stickers or marked with a sharpie. Inform the movers of your coded system so they know where to put the boxes in the new house. This will save time on unpacking.
* Make sure you know what items your moving company will and will not move. Many companies will not move flammables, pets, valuables and the like. Many items such as your valuables, you will want to keep with you for safety reasons.
* On moving day, get takeout or go out to eat rather than trying to cook, clean and move all at once! You’ll thank yourself that you eliminated yet another moving hassle!

Packing Tips
* Every couple hours, take a 1 hour break. This will relieve your worries and give you extra time to de-stress! Take the kids to the park, watch an episode of your favourite TV show to make yourself a burrito and just chill!
* Pack delicate items tightly and in towels, linens, sweatshirts and rugs. Using soft items you have around the house to protect your breakable will save you money on bubble wrap!
* Label a box “not to be moved” and place within it items such as toiletries, extra clothing and a favourite book. In the chaos of moving, it will be hard to find these items if you pack them along with everything else.
We hope your move is successful, pleasant and stress free! We know it will be if you use’s free moving company locater service. So start planning your new life in your new Tennessee city and keep in mind that all your moving needs will be taken care of so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

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