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Maryland moving companies need your business! That’s right, well respected, qualified mover are looking to compete for you business thus giving you the most affordable prices you’ve see in years! While others are spending hours looking online for the best quotes, the best prices and the best quality of service, has compiled it all here in this one, simple site! Fill out the short form today detailing your moving needs and you could be on your way to the simplest Maryland move you’ve made!

Some packing tips
-Pack like items together for easy unpacking.
-Wrap valuables tightly and secure in a box so they won’t flop around and break.
- Mark boxes (kitchen, dining room, etc) for easy unpacking and instruct your movers to place the marked boxes in their appropriate rooms. Color coding with sticker dots is another option.
-Pack and unpack a room a day. Too much packing or unpacking at one time is liable to make you feel stressed and ultimately will lead to less getting done in the long run.
-Label a box “not to be packed” and place all your personal items (such as an extra change of clothes and toiletries) in it. There nothing worse than scouring hundreds of boxes for your slippers and makeup bag!

Some moving tips
-Always double check that everyone has the right address before the trucks leave for your new Maryland home!
-Eat out! If you are traveling a distance, don’t try to pack several lunch meals. This will only cause stress to you. Make a day of the moving trip and enjoy the ride with fast food or take out meals.
-If you know people in the area you are moving in to, have a “moving in party!” This could save you money as your friends/family could unload the truck then retire to the new backyard for a potluck! This could also double as a “first glace of the house” for all your friends. Feel free to invite new neighbors too. Yet another great way to meet new friends!

Other helpful hints
-A few weeks before your move, collect all your unwanted items and have a garage sale! This will save you money in two ways. You will get rid of extra items thus lightening your transportation load plus you will make money from the sale! All extra unsold items will gladly be accepted by a local charity.
-If you are moving locally, have a friend or family member “babysit” your pet. This prevents you from having to keep track of a hyperactive, tense animal while trying to organize your move.
-You are always allowed to be present at the weighing of your items by the moving companies. If you are unsure of anything, you are perfectly welcome to ask for a reweighing of your items!

A final word
We aim to please our customers in whatever ways your moving needs require. When you are happy, so are we! Never hesitate to contact us because you are our number one priority in all of your Maryland moving company wishes!

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