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Moving companies in Illinois
From Chicago and Aurora to Berwyn and Wheaton, the great state of Illinois contains hundreds of moving companies for you to choose from! Not sure where to start in looking for movers? Let us help!

Here are a few moving tips which may just give you the help you need to handle the stress of the big move!
-Start by getting rid of everything you do not want. You can either opt to have a garage sale, donate old items or take them to the dump. If you do this step at least 6 weeks in advance, a load of pressure will be taken off your back!
-A good 5 weeks before your move, find a storage company and place anything in storage that you will need stored.
-Notify schools, playgroups, doctors, dentists, etc... of your move so proper paperwork can be sent to the appropriate places in your new Illinois town. Also, for dentists and doctors, ask for recommendations in your new city. You doctor may be able to recommend a good new service.
-Around 3-4 weeks from your move, return anything that is rented (ie. Movies, library books, dishes from friends, etc...).
-Within the week you move... Mark a box ďdo not moveĒ and place any items that you will not want packed up in that box (some clothing, makeup, toiletries, and alarm clock).
-Within the week you move... defrost the refrigerator and air out/clean the oven
-On moving day of your move, make a list of all the things you want accomplished. You may add to that list, things such as confirming the address of your move with the crew chief, a final walk through of each room in your old house and final instruction to your movers.

Of course there are many more things you will want to implement in your moving process but this is a good list for you to get started with. Now donít forget the most important part of your move! Thatís finding a moving company that is cost effective, customer service oriented and properly licensed!
You may be worried about finding the best Illinois moving company because you donít know where to start.
Let help!
We take your application (just a short form to fill out) and send it to several Illinois movers and they bid on the job. All of our vendors are properly licensed, polite and provide excellent service for your specific needs. Furthermore, this service is fee-free and obligation-free so you donít have to worry that you might be wasting money on something that wonít benefit you in the long run. You will be amazed at the bids you receive for your moving needs.
You could save up to 50% on your estimated moving costs! is dedicated to your happiness and your stress free move. Here are a couple reasons why we strive for your moving success.
-Your success means we have success too! So your happiness is our #1 priority.
- When you are happy and refer us to others, we obtain more businesses. We live off of repeat business so we do all we can to make your experience as please as possible.
-Since there are so many Illinois moving companies, patrons like you have a hard time finding the best deals while moving companies have a hard time making a good name for themselves. We give the companies a chance to provide the service they desire at low prices and you benefit by choosing quality, affordable Illinois movers!

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