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Moving to Hawaii can be an exciting time for you and your family or business! With so many gorgeous islands to choose from and a culture that intrigues even the most stoic natured individual, your move to Hawaii (or to a new location within Hawaii) will literally be a dream come true! Now it is time to think about all the ramifications of moving. has some thought on ways to make your move great and help you choose the perfect Hawaiian moving company!

First, letís discuss some of the aspects you might be worried about regarding your big move to or within Hawaii:
Moving with pets (cats, dogs guinea pigs, etcÖ).
Moving with small children.
Your children finding new friends.
Keeping valuable and breakables safe.
The cost of the move.
The attitude and reliability of the movers.
Is the culture of Hawaii suitable for my family?
Will we get along with our new neighbors?

Donít worry, we have some tips that will put your mind to ease as you look to choose a Hawaiian moving company and relocate your treasures and family to Hawaii.

* Pets- Resist the urge to wash all of your petís blankets, toys and other personal effects before the move. Your pet will be experiencing many new and frightening smells and it will be nice for him/her to have some familiarity.
* Small Children-Children seem to adapt quite easily to change and you may even find that you will meet new friends through your childrenís interactions at school, the playground or church.
* The new culture- Hawaii has a rich, ethic heritage that will excite you and intrigue from the very start! Get involved in local community activities and experience the culture with those around you. You may find you will fall in love with the Hawaiian way of life quicker than you expected!
* Neighbors- Since they are the people you live closest to and who effect you most on a daily basis, it might be nice to throw a moving in party after your house is all unpacked! A nice BBQ to get to know your neighbors could be the perfect start on your move to Hawaii!
* Moving- This may well be the scariest part of relocating! Will your stuff be taken care of as well as I hope? Are the movers going to be courteous and really care for my needs as a unique individual? Will this cost me a fortune? Let us here at make this part of the move simple and stress free! Moving doesnít have to be a chore!

At, we have business compete for your moving needs. You will out a free, no obligation, short application and we sent this on to several big name, reliable moving companies. With Hawaiian moving companies bidding for your business, you know the price will be more than affordable plus we only recommend qualified, licensed movers. Make the most stressful part of your move turn in to the most delightful part of your Hawaiian move with!

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