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Make your move stress free and cost effective by having movers compete for you business!

It's easy to see why moving creates visions of broken valuables, dented and marked walls and expensive moving companies. Find the perfect Alabama moving company for you without the hassle of searching the web for hours. offers you the chance to see what Alabama movers are competing for your business all in one convenient place. Moving should not be a headache, it should be the launch pad to the new life you desire! So, before you decide to call every moving company in your phone book, try for a hassle free, no charge quote from many of our various vendors!

What Is
We compile all of the best Alabama moving companies into a one stop site for you to find the best deals! Professional movers are easy to locate for your moving needs through our compilation of local businesses on You voice your need on and businesses bid on your specific needs. From then on, it is only a matter of choosing the one you feel most comfortable with, whether that means they are the cheapest, most reliable or the most readily available option! It makes moving simple, affordable and pleasant for everyone involved!

Advice for a Smooth Move
Whether you are moving away to college, packing up the family of 6 and moving cross country or simply moving next door, there are a few simple tips we have found to be quite useful over the years. Packing and unpacking can be a chaotic but it doesn't have to be! Here are some simple moving tips!
* When packing, do one room at a time and mark all boxes/bags with a code of some sort. ie. Kitchen, bedroom1 or kid's room. This makes it easy to place boxes in the correct rooms when they are being unloaded and saves time on sorting through box after box!
* Place all delicate items wrapped in linens and sweatshirts in laundry baskets. Landry baskets usually have handles, are easier to carry and are less likely to be dropped. Plus, wrapping delicate items in linens saves on buying bubble wrap for a cost effective move!
* When unpacking, limit the amount of items you will pack or unpack per day. Moving may seem overwhelming but if you work on a specific room per day, you will end the day with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction!
* Have a garage sale! When you move, you may find many items you forgot you had or that you do not want anymore. Why not have a garage sale to get rid of extra luggage. You will make a little extra money for the move and get rid of extra junk you no longer need or want!

Quality Assurance and Communication strives to bring you the best service available in Alabama. Our goal is to find the best vendor at the best price for your convenience. Here the customer comes first and we guarantee you unbiased support in your endeavors. We believe that good customer service creates repeat business and through that business we create loyal customers. If you have any concerns, comments or compliments, do not hesitate to contact us. Your happiness is our priority!

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