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Save on your move

To Do after a move

When the dust has settled, you'll need to take the time to fill out the paperwork for the many transitions you'll be making.
1. Add safety gates and secure pets. When you get to your new place, your first step should be to secure it. If you've got infants or toddlers, setting up safety gates is a must -- you won't have time to watch them near stairs and doorways, and you don't want them underfoot while you're moving large furniture. Also, find a safe place for your pets to stay while the house is being unpacked -- you don't want them to escape in a strange neighborhood (and possibly hoof it back to your old house)!

2. Set up utilities. If you haven't done so already, contact utility providers in your new location and arrange for service at your new home. These may include gas, electric, cable, phone, water, and garbage.

3. Switch schools. Check with your children's new school about what records and transcripts they'll need. Arrange for transfer of the records -- the current school may be able to send them directly.

4. Change your address. Get a change-of-address kit from the post office, and have your mail forwarded to your new address. Then send change-of-address notices to any organization or business from which you receive mail. Make sure you change your mailing address with every company from which you receive a bill (or risk a ding on your credit report when you don't get a bill paid within 30 days). Donít forget to change your mailing address for your accounts at online stores. Many organizations now allow you to change your address on the phone or online, and email is a good way to give your family and friends your new address.

5. Update your insurance. Talk to your insurance providers about new rates and procedures in your new location. You'll for sure need to change your homeowners' policy or renters' policy, but you may be able to keep other existing insurances (for example, vehicle insurance and health insurance), depending on how far away you move.