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Moving is the third most stressful life event, following death and divorce according to the Employee Relocation Council. The market of cargo transportations and moving companies in New York City is huge. Hundreds of movers are offering services of loaders and the organization of cargo handling works. All of them have own system of payment and not always easy to understand the ways of calculation costs of moving services.

Sooner or later almost everybody need moving service, specially in New York City. According NYC statictics average moving period per person is one time in 3 years. here is to help you with making important decision : Who can I trust to move me? Why it is so important, because for couple of hours you will rely all your possessions to someone you do not know - Your Moving Company.

Here is basic criterias that what you are looking for from relocation company:
Friendly, Cheap, Reliable, Respectful, honest and courteous and of course licensed and insured, so if something get damaged during the move you will get replacement or refund.

To find a moving company in Manhattan might be easy with using our moving estimate service.

About Moving Services in NYC:

There is 100s of movers in New York City to choose from. But there is 1000s moving companies who work without license and insurance. Unfortunately, when we try to find right local or long distance movers we only contact with management ans sales department of particular relocation company. So, what about moving crew? If you ask your mover in how many companies they had to work with, you will be surprised. Average Manhatan mover with experience more than 5 years changed about 7 or more moving companies or even work with 3 or 4 as a part time labor.

Finally, why we recommend our moving estimate service for choosing right movers in Manhattan, NYC:
1. When you complete our estimate from, we will send your request to 5 moving companies in New York City areas.
2. They are already know that price for your relocation need has to be competetive to win your business.
3. All our vendors are licensed and insured by New York Department of Transportation.
4. You will receive estimates in writing ( rates per hour, packing supplies costs and more useful information).
5. There is no obligation for you to use any of moving companies answered your request.
6. We help with all types of moving services: an apartment, house, office (corporation), warehouse, storage, local and long distance or even international moving.
7. You will save your time by posting photo of you moving items and recieve accurate estimate.
There are more positive sides of our service, so go to to find out about cost for your upcoming move.

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We found our NYC movers by using They were very professional with what they do, very punctual and honest, movers you can trust. So I will recommend to use EstimateToday because this is a great source to find cheap and reliable moving company.

I recently moved from an upstairs apartment to a two story home, and need a moving company to help with the move. I had a hard time looking for movers. My friend moved with Moishes and told my that rates are way too high, so I was left by myself for research. Then I found EstimateToday and get 5 moving quotes within 3 hours and after I check companies records and made a right decision based on reviews and moving estimates. Best moving resource online and extremely easy to use.

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