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Save on your move

How to save on your move

Here are some tips on how to save on your move:
Self Movers: The more work you are willing to do, the less your move will cost. For instance, if you are willing to pack and load and unload your belongings onto and off of the truck, there are movers who will handle the driving and will charge you considerably less than a full-service mover who will handle all the aspects of you move from packing and loading to driving and unloading.

Cash Back Bonuses: Credit cards or bank accounts with cash back bonuses can help save you money on your move.

Moving Supplies: You can reduce the cost of your move by saving on moving supplies. Here are some suggestions:

Get affordable packing supplies by ordering them online.

Ask friends who have recently moved to give or sell you their boxes.

Try using crumpled newspaper as an alternative to bubble wrap to pad breakables.

Shop around for the cheapest deal on packing tape and other supplies.

Instead of renting moving blankets from the truck rental company, use your own blankets, linens and area rugs for padding. However, most moving companies offer free blanket wrapping of the furniture. Make sure to check it with the company representative.

Own Packing: You can reduce the cost of your move by doing your own packing. Consider a "you pack, we drive" arrangement, in which you pack boxes, and the moving company loads, moves, and unloads your belongings. Make sure you study the Packing Tips section of the moving guide.

Flexibility: You can save on your move if you don't mind to wait for your belongings for a while. Moving companies sometimes give significant cost reductions if they can short-term-store and consolidate your moving items with other customers' belongings.

Get Rid of Things: Save on your move by eliminating as much as possible. Walk through your home carefully in advance with an eye toward finding things you really don't need or want. Your house probably contains a lot of things that you no longer use, and have probably even forgotten about. Whether the cost of your move is going to be based on weight or time, it will cost you to move things you can really do without.