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Rental Truck

Car Transport

Self transport you could rent a trailer and then move the car yourself door-to-door. If you choose this method, get comfortable with maneuvering the trailer and make sure the towing vehicle is equipped to properly handle the weight of your shipment. Driveaway service you can hire someone to drive the car to its destination for you. You'd need to either know someone you can trust or do a thorough background check on the driver. You don't want your vehicle to disappear or get crashed. Train transport you can have your car shipped on a train while you travel with it by Amtrak or shipped by a private freight company to a terminal where you or someone else will have to go pick it up at the terminal. Amtrak's Auto Train travels nonstop between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, DC) and Sanford, Florida (near Orlando). The Auto Train is the only route in the Amtrak system that transports vehicles. The Auto Train accepts passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and motorcycles. Some size restrictions apply. Auto transport company you can choose from a variety of shipping methods offered, including open and enclosed trucks and other containers over land and sea.

Motorcycle Shipping

Depending on your destination your motorcycle will be transported on a truck that could be open or enclosed. For specialty bikes or collectors item, we recommend an enclosed carrier. If your motorcycle is to be shipped internationally in most cases it will be carefully packed and crated. It is very important to understand the coverage policy your transport will include, if any. In most cases shippers offer insurance beyond what your own policy may cover and what their standard cargo insurance may cover. It is advised that you read your own policy and get the transporters policy in writing and read it carefully, to make sure you bike is covered fully. There are many factors involved in the delivery of your motorcycle, including distance, weather and traffic. If your bike is going coast to coast an average is 10-15 days. Up and down the coast averages 3-10 days. It is strongly recommended that you do not store any personal items in or on your motorcycle. Carriers are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items that are not part of your motorcycle during shipping.

Boat Transport

If one is moving to another part of the country, everything in the household has to be relocated. If someone in the house owns a boat, moving it safely will be a prime concern. Boat movers require the boat to be properly prepared for transporting. They will not move the boat unless certain details are taken care of. The doors need to be closed properly. Batteries and cables must be disconnected. Boats should be covered by shrink-wrap. The shrink-wrap is a heat sealed surface to ward off hot sun and water from chafing the surface. Wooden boats are transported in a custom cradle. Most boat movers do not accept responsibility for damage if the boat was not prepared for transport. The driver transporting the boat will carry out a survey of the exteriors of the boat. He makes a report of the condition of the boat. Damages if any have to be reported while taking delivery of the boat. The transporters haul boats and yachts of all sizes. These services have qualified skippers and good crew. They give detailed information on port delivery, freight and insurance. Training is given on boat navigation, sailing and boat handling. The most common and recommended type of boat moving service is the roll on roll off type. It is commonly called the RO/RO. The boat is towed on a trailer or a cradle into the ship and parked on the lower deck. During the journey the boat is secured in the deck. So there is no damage. T he ship then carries the boat to its destination. When the boat reaches its destination it is driven off again in the trailer or cradle on which it had entered the ship.